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  1. CinciClassic 2013? More like C4 Expo 2013.

    Sat 01 December 2012

    Hey folks,

    So, it's been a few years (understatement) since anything has happened on this site. You might have even forgotten about Cinciclassic, or wondered if you would ever see another Cinciclassic again.

    Wonder no more.

    We're partnering with the Cincinatti Commodore Computer Club to help put on ...

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  2. State of the CinciClassic

    Mon 31 August 2009

    Yeah, its been a while since there's been any new news regarding CinciClassic, but the big reason there isn't much news is because there haven't been any firm plans about the next CinciClassic. Rest assured that there's still folks giving it some brain cycles, but as ...

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  3. 2006 Vendors Howto

    Tue 17 February 2009

    No show is complete without vendors and exhibitors, and CinciClassic is no exception. Through generous vendor support, CinciClassic is able to offer free admission to it's patrons.

    Vendor / Exhibitor tables are available for the following prices:

    Main Floor: $35
    Balcony: $25

    This price includes a vendor link on the ...

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  4. 2006 Trivia Answers

    Tue 17 February 2009

    Strange combinations:

    Combine each of the three strange items listed below to come up with a video game that uses all of the items. If there is a sequel or a variation to a game, please list the original game only.
    (i.e. Bricks + Ball + Paddle = Breakout, not Super Breakout ...

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  5. 2006 Tournament Results

    Tue 17 February 2009

    4 Player Elimination
    Random players for 4-player 2600 Warlords

    1st: Russ 'RC' Collins
    2nd: Ryan 'Goz' Collins
    3rd: Matt Matson

    Team Battle
    Random team pairings for Saturn Bomberman
    2 minutes, Best of 2

    1st: Ken Wierzbowski and Joyce O'Neill
    2nd: Tattan Partington and Matt Gauslin
    3rd: Max Stein and ...

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  6. 2006 Press Release

    Tue 17 February 2009

    CINCINNATI, OHIO - Jan. 23, 2006 - The organizers of Cinciclassic announced today that the 2006 Cinciclassic Classic Gaming show would be held April 7th and 8th at the Fairfield Banquet and Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Citing an ever-growing attendance the organizers have been able to find an even larger location ...

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  7. 2006 Sponsorship Howto

    Tue 17 February 2009

    CinciClassic has been extremely fortunate in previous years to have generous sponsors. Without their help, CinciClassic wouldn't be able to offer the kind of show we deliver for free. This year, we're looking to give a little more for our sponsors in exchange to help defray our costs ...

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  8. 2006 Events

    Tue 17 February 2009

    Friday, April 7th, 2006

    Time Event

    1:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.: Set up for the show, meet and greet.

    Saturday, April 8th, 2006
    Events and times subject to change. Please check back for more updates!

    Time Event
    9:00a.m.: Show Begins
    9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p ...
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